Daniel Guichard is talking about him more than ever after his statements on France and the treatment reserved for anti-vaccines: "I am ashamed !"

Artist and free-thinker, Daniel Guichard was Déborah Grunwald’s guest on her program “Dans le retro” on France Bleu. An interview that caused a stir since the one who is regularly invited to the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” gave his opinion on the still topical layoff of non-vaccinated caregivers.

“I will say it and I will say it again, it is a shame what we did to nurses, caregivers, people in hospitals because they did not want to have an injection because they had doubts. It’s a shame when you see the way we asked nurses who had the Covid ‘come anyway, we’ll put you with the sick’. It is shameful to have brought in hundreds of firefighters from European countries when there are thousands of firefighters who have been suspended,” did he declare.

And to add: “The policies we have are a shame! People who didn’t say anything are a shame. We are the last country in the world not to have reinstated with apologies and with salary recovery (non-vaccinated caregivers) […] There is no unemployment, there is no help, it’s ‘you will wait for our goodwill’. The king and these princes, that is to say bootlickers, you may decide one day that you can come back”he hammered with the outspokenness that his fans know him so well.

A rant applauded on the Web

A passage on the airwaves of France Bleu which made a lot of noise since the name of Daniel Guichard quickly arrived in twitter trend. “Finally, a little courage! Thanks ! », « Congratulations sir !! », « Thanks to you, for all these suspended people put aside from society. I too am ashamed of this government.can we read.

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