Daniel Craig’s best movies before James Bond


Daniel Craig gave life to one of the best James Bond on the big screen and today we list the actor’s successful films before 007. Attention!

James Bond
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Daniel Craig rose to prominence in the Hollywood film industry with his gritty, gritty version of James Bond, a character to which he added a brusque imprint that can be seen in each of the action scenes that 007 carries out in the films starring the British actor who is already turning 55 and will be replaced as the most efficient spy in the crown. That’s another history…

The race of Daniel Craig What James Bond includes the following movies: Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Specter (2015) and the surprising No Time to Die (2021) with an ending that definitely means the departure of the interpreter from the longest running franchise in Hollywood. In spoilers we wonder how this actor came to become James Bond and there are three movies that answer that question.

+Great Daniel Craig movies before James Bond

.3. layer cake

Elegant and suave, our unsung hero (Daniel Craig) is a respected dealer, a true professional. Working with cocaine and ecstasy as naturally as if it were any other material, he has managed to make a good fortune. Two tasks will complicate his existence: he must find the missing daughter of a powerful criminal, Eddie Temple (Michael Gambon). Second, he must negotiate the sale of a major ecstasy shipment with Duke (Jamie Foreman).

You can see it in Netflix and AppleTV.

.two. Road to Perdition

In the years of the Great Depression, Michael Sullivan is a hitman who professes unwavering loyalty to his boss, Mr. Rooney, and, at the same time, a good family man. Times are tough on Rock Island, where the Irish mob rules, Prohibition is still in force and gangsters, especially Al Capone in Chicago, are at the pinnacle of power. But one day, unexpectedly, the twelve-year-old son of this contract killer, Michael Jr., decides to follow his father to see what exactly his job consists of.

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.1. Munich

Based on real events! After the assassination of several Israeli athletes by the “Black September” terrorist group at the 1972 Munich Olympics, a special Mossad agent had to carry out a highly secret mission: assassinate those responsible in order to exact revenge for those terrible actions and impart justice in the most eloquent way possible. A luxury cast for a story about history. Safety pin.

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