Daniel Alves prison: check details of the cell where the player is. Photos!

Daniel Alves has been in prison since Friday (20), when gave a statement to the police in Spain. The player is being accused of having sexually harassed and raped a young woman in a nightclub. The athlete, who lost his contract with the Pumas after his arrest, he still doesn’t know when he might be released.

On Monday (23), Daniel Alves was transferred from the Brians 1 prison to Brians 2. The reason for the transfer would have been to prevent risks to the integrity of the player in a preventive way.

Brians 2 has smaller cells, some of which are individual. The prison has a smaller population and most of the prisoners have already been convicted. In Brians 1, the cells are shared, which could expose Daniel to possible attack. Daniel’s new cell is individual and has a bathroom (check out the images in the gallery above).

Daniel Alves hires second lawyer

Daniel Alves hired lawyer Cristóbal Martell to join Miraida Puente Wilson in defending the player. Founder of a law firm that bears his last name, Daniel Alves’ new defender has already acted in known cases. Among them, the dispute between Barcelona and Neymar.

Daniel Alves’ new lawyer faces a challenge in the Spanish court. There is no lack of evidence against the Brazilian who, moreover, has already presented two completely different versions of the case. In the first, Daniel Alves denied that he knew the victim. In the second, the athlete said that the sex between him and the young woman was consensual.

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