Dania Mondini, the presenter of Tg1: “As a punishment they put me in a room with a colleague who suffers from flatulence and belching”. Rai deputy directors under investigation for stalking

The presenter of Tg1 Dania Mondini she denounced her superiors, to punish her they would put her in a room with a colleague who has problems with flatulence and belching. The case ended in the prosecutor’s office in Rome and the prosecutor opened it a dossier for stalking: five “journalists-managers” indicated by Mondini are in the sights. It is about Filippo Gaudenzi, Marco Betello, Piero Felice Damosso, Andrea Montanari and Costanza Crescimbeni. In 2018, at the time of the facts, they held top positions on the news program of the first public service network.

The news was made known by the newspaper Republic who reconstructs the story, according to the story of the reporter, after some friction with the superiors, to resize it they would have decided to put her in the room with a colleague who can’t hold back burps and farting. Mondini gets in the way and opposes a refusal “motivated for the service order“, From here he claims to have received others retaliation: she is entrusted with short and trivial services, she suffers violent verbal aggression after small errors during the broadcasting of the news.

The bust decides to report everything to the prosecutor’s office, produces medical reports that prove the stress suffered due to demotion, witnesses are heard. Of six journalists of Tg1, only one colleague marries the reporter’s version. The prosecutor of Rome asks for the filing, there is no stalking but at the most, he says, we must evaluate the hypothesis of bullying. Surprisingly, however, the attorney general chooses a different path: “The pg Marcello Monteleone takes the investigation to himself, effectively removing it from the prosecutor, and decides to continue to investigate the 5 Rai journalists for stalking”, he explains Republic. The case continues.

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