Dani Souza opens the game about the turbulent start of a relationship with Dentinho: "everyone spoke badly"

Dani Souza opened the game about your relationship with Tooth, with whom she has been married for almost 10 years, and detailed a turbulent relationship with her husband, while participating in the podcast Trader.

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In the conversation, Dani recalled the beginning of her relationship with the football player: “I had no idea, I thought it was funny at first. I think that was getting closer. We stayed together for a while, but he didn’t believe I liked him, so we had a lot of fights . Those eight months defined where we are today.”

The ex-stage assistant also said that Dentinho used to “get ready” things to make her angry: “In those eight months, he used to do everything… He was here with me and all of a sudden he turned around and said: ‘I’m going to the show.’ he didn’t say anything, shit to me. We got into some really crazy crap. There was a show where we went together and no one knew yet we were hooking up. There was a girl there that I knew had hooked up with him.”

Dani went on, “She kept making hearts for him, and I f*** him. He looked back at one time, and I had a soda can in my hand. I said, ‘If you look at her again, I’ll play that can of coke on your forehead.’ He didn’t move for the rest of the show anymore. Already at a benefit event with Xuxa Meneghel, the ace decided to take up the romance with his wife.

“He told me and my life turned to hell. I was canceled. Everyone spoke badly and criticized me. Sometimes he was playing and the person who was narrating said he wasn’t playing well because of me. After a lot of things he closed it down. contract to go to Ukraine and he asked me to go. We were still dating,” he said. Married since 2012, Dani and Dentinho have been together since 2011 and are parents of Bruno and the twins, Rafaella e Sofia.

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