Dani: no inheritance… why has she messed things up in recent years?

It is a death that upsets many personalities. This Tuesday, July 19, 2022, the singer Dani, notably known for her duet with Étienne Daho on the title “Like a boomerang”, died of a “malaise” at the age of 77. Devastated by the death of his stage partner, the artist paid a vibrant tribute to the one who also collaborated with Alain Chamfort and Claude François during his career. “You the unclassifiable, free, so young. Model, actress, magazine leader, singer, rose grower. You did everything with the elegance of dilettantes, surfing, off the beaten path, without letting yourself be locked up in the boxes in which we wanted to lock you up, charming your world with your mischief and your deep, sensitive voice, hidden in the volutes smoke from your cigarettes”he wrote on his Instagram account while sharing a series of photos of his sidekick.

” I have no more money “

Admiring, Étienne Daho therefore did not fail to praise the many talents of Dani. A successful singer, the latter rose to fame without losing her footing. After the death of her husband, she had also experienced some financial problems. Interviewed by the JDD in 2020, she confided: “ I have no more money “. But far from feeling sorry for herself, she preferred to see the bright side of things. “It’s more comfortable! When I had it, it bothered me. The houses, the papers… When my husband died, I decided not to encumber myself rather than to black out the memories we had shared. That’s how we move on, we make friends with grief. Now my life is my bag. I go where I want”. A vision of life uncommon in his field. In fact, Dani leaves behind a great career, without a huge fortune, as well as two children. Julien, born of his love with Benjamin Auger, but also Emmanuel, son of his former lover.


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