Dani Calabresa opens the game about the first sex scene: “Dying of shame”

romantic couple of Fábio Porchat in comedy The Speaker, Dani Pepperoni40 years old, said that he was “morning with embarrassment” when recording his first sex scene.

In a good-natured way, she explained that the fact of playing with a longtime friend made the job easier:

“I was dying of embarrassment [de fazer as cenas de sexo], but doing it with a friend is really cool because we already have intimacy, trust in each other. So, while it was embarrassing, I was safe,” she explained to Quem.

Dani added: “The hardest thing was controlling the fit of laughter, we were laughing at each other in every scene, including this one. It was hard to turn that switch because we’re friends, but we’re a couple in the movie, we have to be in love. We found that chemistry and I really think it worked. It’s really fun, romantic and light,” she celebrated.

“The two find themselves at a time when they are sad and discouraged with life. I think that every day we have the opportunity to meet someone who can teach us something, who can transform our lives. It’s not worth spending many years in a job where you are unhappy, in a relationship. It is always possible to transform and that is the beauty of life”, he added.

The Speaker hits theaters this Thursday (04/08). The film’s cast also includes Letícia Lima, Otávio Müller, Maria Clara Gueiros and Rodrigo Pandolfo. The direction is from Marcelo Antunez and the writing of Fábio Porchat and Claudia Jouvin.

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