Dani asks: Lucas Cordalis should pay attention to this in the jungle!

Daniela Katzenberger (36) has a concern about Lucas Cordalis (55)’ participation in the jungle camp! After being unable to compete last year due to illness, the pop singer ventures into the Australian jungle in 2023 – it starts on January 13th. In fact, the musician is already on his way to the other end of the world. While his father-in-law Peter Klein accompanies him, daughter Sophia Cordalis (7) and the cat follow his adventure on TV. To say goodbye, Dani has hers Lucas asked for a code of conduct in the jungle…

picture has now published a letter that the cult blonde wrote to her loved one for his TV challenge. In it, Dani emphasized: “Just two things, dear Lucas, please keep it a secret: my real weight and your Greek cannelloni! Please leave them nicely wrapped when showering and bathing in the jungle, no matter how much it itches and crawls under your swimming trunks after the exams.” The cat also joked: “Because not only your daughter is watching, but also your mother-in-law!”

Dani also wrote these motivating lines: “You are perfectly suited for the jungle! At the other end of the world, between spiders and slippery pig testicles, absolutely nothing will shock you anymore. After all, you have your biggest jungle test – six years of marriage with me – already existed.” She further joked: “Even my home-cooked food doesn’t throw you off track. And that’s usually a hundred times worse than any jungle test!”

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Peter Klein and Lucas Cordalis at the airport, 2022
Lucas Cordalis, jungle camp participant 2023

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger with daughter Sophia

Do you think Lucas will comply with Dani’s request?

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