Dancing with the Stars, the ranking of the couples in the competition and all the gossip: Paola Barale and those doubts about Zazzaroni, Selvaggia Lucarelli clarifies about Cassini

Almost ready for the sixth episode of Dancing with the Stars. The RaiUno Saturday night show is a guarantee of light-hearted and increasingly “mixed” entertainment: the typical logic of reality TV is mixed together with dance, with messes, skirmishes, gossip. An evil? No. We are far from the paucity of plot of certain broadcasts and some soap vaulting is welcome.

Milly Carluccialso this season, has chosen an excellent cast. But how are the remaining competitors placed in the race, at the level of the last classification? (that of the November 5th episode). Well, first place for Rosanna Banfi And Simone Casula: the couple is very emotional, because of the story that the actress wanted to share with the public, but also because of the great harmony they show as dancers. Second place for Luisella Costamagna And Pasquale LaRocca: the journalist is back on track after an injury that had almost convinced her to abandon the race.

Third party Enrico Montesano And Alessandra Tripoli. The public likes him very much and, in terms of stage presence, he has few rivals. Quarters Ema Stokholma And Angelo Madonia then Gabriel Garko (also injured) and Giada Lini. Sixths Alex Di Giorgio And Moreno Porcu and sevenths VAT Zanicchi And Samuel Peron. Could Zanicchi be able to create more embarrassment tonight than when he told the joke about the pen * soft? Impossible. Or maybe not?

eighths Alexander Egger And Tove Villfor and noni Lorenzo Biagiarelli And Anastasia Kuzmina. We can say that we preferred Biagiarelli when he didn’t take the “game” too seriously with Wild Lucarelli and lent itself to the soap. She dances well, you could see it before her outburst and you can see it even now. Tenth Paola Barale And RolyMaden. Speaking of Barale, during a sort of daily appointment on RaiPlay, the showgirl said that in her opinion a judge has some prejudice: “There is a judge who is prejudiced against me, it’s Ivan Zazzaroni, I don’t think he likes me. My last performance wasn’t crazy, but it wasn’t that bad either. I was happy, I’d hate to leave the show”.

Eleventh Dario Cassini and Lucrezia Lando. Speaking of Cassini, in the last episode Lucarelli told of a phone call received from the comedian with an unclear intent, a topic on which she returned with a post on Instagram: “A quick thing on the matter of the phone call from Dario Cassini. I am interested in clarifying first of all that Dario Cassini and I are not friends, as he continues (goes) to argue. We worked together on a show on Sky 15 years ago. I liked him at the time. I have never seen or heard of him again. I saw it again in Ballando, where I always found it unpleasant. So no, it wasn’t a phone call between friends. Secondly, my saying of his phone call from him was not in reaction to things he said before the dance, I had already communicated to the writers two minutes before the start that I was going to reveal this. It is not the first time I hear from competitors on the phone, some I know them, with others I had previous relationships, all this is normal as for all the other judges, given that in the environment they happen to know each other. We are in Ballando, not at the Mafia state negotiation process. But it had never happened to me that a person, not even a friend, called me (for 20 minutes!) To tell me what I should say on TV. What lines should I answer, what game should I play. No one has ever told me: “what I say is all fake but stay away, you give me light, you help my character. I put myself in your wake and make money ”. I decide what I say. And, above all, the little phrase “Yes tonight I’ll take it out on you but I’m pretending it”, is a lie on TV. On TV everything that is said becomes true. Even too much. That said, it always remains a game, but precisely for this dealer and players they must be correct“. In short, clear agreements and friendship, no. Anything.

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