Dancing with the stars, Selvaggia Lucarelli to her boyfriend Lorenzo Biagiarelli: “I would like you to take me like this at home”

The tango of Lorenzo Biagiarelli and Anastasia Kuzmina inflames Wild Lucarelli. At the end of the performance of his partner, the juror of dancing with the Stars observes: “FI sincerely wish that every now and then you would take me like this at home too, I have never had this honor ”. A new episode of the program hosted by Milly Carlucci was aired on Saturday 12 November on Rai1. This time Biagiarelli had to try his hand at a tango that thrilled the entire studio. Also thanks to the story that the competitor made in the video that preceded the performance.

THE CHILDHOOD OF LORENZO BIAGIARELLI – Lorenzo Biagiarelli has in fact spoken of rather private topics concerning his own childhood. Although things have not always gone the right way, Lorenzo has always been a happy person. This is thanks to a family that has been able to teach him to draw the good from any circumstance. “I had a more than easy, happy life,” she said. “I was born into a family that runs a bathhouse in Senigallia […] I discovered later that the family’s economic condition was not very prosperous. My mother told me one day: ‘There was a time when we only ate pasta and tomato for lunch and dinner’. And what’s the bad news? Even the way my parents separated, I only got the good part […] I only ever received the good, I lived as if nothing could go wrong. It is an ordinary happiness, it is bad that many do not have it. In fact, I have a great deal of empathy in this sense. I feel it’s everyone’s right to be happy, but I don’t have that power there.”

SELVAGGIA LUCARELLI’S COMMENT – The story, as well as the performance on the track, didn’t win Guillermo Mariotto’s heart, who commented: “He’s always mechanical, a tin soldier. Then that boring story”. Of different opinion Rossella Errawho indeed explained how the experience at Dancing with the stars is serving Biagiarelli to make himself known in an authentic and to shake off the label of “Selvaggia Lucarelli’s boyfriend”. Of course, her partner also gave an opinion on the performance, starting with a dig at the colleague: “You really are an asshole, between you and me Mariotto. To say that Lorenzo danced badly seems a bit of a stretch to me. I understand the little game of having to slaughter him every time, but tonight is a bit excessive. To say that he is a mechanic this time seems deeply unfair to me, frankly I wish that every now and then he would take me like this even at home, I’ve never had this honour. Tonight it was really very nice, you worked a lot together”.

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