Dancing with the stars 12: A famous singer and an influencer in the cast? We know more

Dance with the stars 12

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Will a famous singer and an influencer join the cast of Dance with the 12 stars? We know a little more about it.

Dance with the stars is a family show that viewers love to catch up with every year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the program was not broadcast in 2020. But on September 17, 2021, Camille Combal and all the rest of the team returned for an exceptional season 11. The highly motivated candidates fought to go as far as possible. And Tayc was the best! Thanks to the training and advice of his partner Fauve Hautot, he was able to leave with the trophy. While the release of the next edition should be done in September 2022 if all goes well, several names are already starting to circulate. Who will tread the floor of DALS ? Maybe a famous singer or an influencer, according to the latest information revealed.

On Instagram, the account @tvrsource let know that Angèle would have been contacted by the production. Back in the spotlight with his album Ninety-five, the 26-year-old Belgian artist could impress anyone. That’s not all, because Just Riadh was also reportedly approached. With his 4.1 million subscribers on Instagram, the young man would allow the channel to achieve good audiences and continue to attract young people, who have carefully followed the paths of Wejdene and Michou. For the moment in any case, nothing has been confirmed and we must therefore take this information with a grain of salt.

Dance with the stars 12: Other personalities announced at the casting

Other personalities were announced to the cast as Nabilla, the YouTuber Inoxtag but also the actor Franck Dubosc. On the jury side, it is not yet clear whether Chris Marques, Denitsa Ikonomova, Jean-Paul Gaultier and François Alu will still be there to give their sometimes severe marks! It is still a little early to think about all this. Currently it is Ninja Warrior which is put forward by TF1, before finding Mask Singer or The Voice.

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