Dancheto and her colleagues are outraged by the treatment of pensioners

The famous singer Yordanka Hristova is furious with the state’s attitude towards pensioners and specifically with the Christmas bonus of BGN 70.

“The issue of the Christmas allowance for pensioners is only part of the entire insane attitude of the state towards pensioners. And it is insulting! All pensions must be recalculated!”, Hristova is angry. The pop legend was the first who, after the changes, raised the still unsolved problem of decent pay by age for all his colleagues.

Other colleagues of hers are of a similar opinion. Silvia Katsarova, for example, is adamant that the supplement will not amount to anything, although it is a step in the right direction.

Silvia Katsarova

“Can we let our people starve?! For years, the rulers have only lied to us spoon by spoon and constantly say how there is no money, and throw funds at all sorts of nonsense! But nothing is being done to protect the lives of our parents and our relatives !”, enthuses the Bulgarian Tina Turner.

“What is 70 leva? Will it be enough for one Christmas dinner? I’m going shopping, I haven’t bought anything, and I’m wondering where the 50 BGN went. Here, nothing is being done for the suffering people from the villages of Karlovy Vary, whose situation is desperate, and they are literally abandoned, cold and starving. Our parents, our grandfathers should not be left to rummage through the buckets!” the singer grumbles.

Katsarova admitted that she was tired of “empty talk”. “There is only talk and nothing is done. The managers are just doing PR,” said the pop star. Margarita Mikhneva also has reason to be indignant about the state’s pension policy. The legendary TV actress revealed that her 48 years of work experience was valued at BGN 460 per month.

Margarita Mikhneva

Margarita Mikhneva

“The Christmas bonus will not change anything in the situation of pensioners in our country. Can I use this money to pay for my medicines and tests?”, the well-known journalist is outraged.

Her opinion about the life to which pensioners in Bulgaria are doomed is extremely negative. “Don’t you have relatives and friends to help you, you are sentenced to death!”, Mikhneva did not spare the black paint.

“It’s a tragedy to live here on a pension!”, sums up the TV star of the recent past.

In contrast, there are those who are satisfied with the money that the oldest will receive for the holidays.

“This amount will please not only the poor, but also the richer pensioners, because everyone likes to receive something for the holidays,” says singer Mimi Ivanova. – “If they can, they should continue like this. There are many holidays in our calendar,” recommended the performer of “Mother Saint” to our statesmen.

The singer did not fail to mention that both she and her husband Razvigor Popov “do not even receive the minimum pension”.

Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov

Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov

“Due to lost archives of the Concert Directorate, we and many of our colleagues lost 5 to 8 years when calculating pensions. But Razvigor has dealt more with these things over the years,” Mimi Ivanova also said.

She is grateful to fate that she does not rely only on the pension, but is still active and has many appearances.

“I have a long-time fan who has kept posters of my concerts and you can see how we filled stadiums. Can these incomes be hidden from the state? After all, everything was numbered and laced then. But nevertheless, the taxes we paid on our royalties and which entered the budget, were not taken into account when calculating our pensions, unlike the premiums,” the singer indignantly. Despite this, Mimi Ivanova finds the strength “not to whine” and shares that she “doesn’t worry” about her small pension because, in her words, “it doesn’t make sense”.

The famous satirical actress Latinka Petrova shares almost the same opinion as her.

“For me, 70 BGN is a respectable amount. Earlier it was 50”, Georgi Partsalev’s close friend commented to the newspaper.

However, the actress regrets that Bulgaria is not divided into cantons so that the municipalities, which have the lists of all the people in need, can respond quickly.

Latina Petrova

Latina Petrova

“Bulgaria is small, in the towns and especially in the villages, everyone knows each other, so you can react in the most correct way on the spot. But the municipalities clearly cannot dispose of their budgets freely without the approval of the central government,” Latinka believes.

She recommends that the culture managers responsible in the municipalities for the “people of the spirit” take seriously their duties and provide real help to those of them who are in an unenviable financial situation.

“On the other hand, no matter how respectable this 70 leva is, it is still an equalization. If people with a pension of 2,000 leva, for example, did not receive this allowance, the amount for pensioners with small pensions would be much larger,” said the popular comedian .

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