“Dances and trains, the Petruzzelli transformed into a huge nightclub complete with a DJ-set”: exhibited in the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the New Year’s Eve of Canale 5

It ends up on the magistrates’ tables on New Year’s organized at the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari and broadcast on Channel 5: after numerous controversies and some parliamentary questions triggered by the improvised ‘good luck train’ in the room, and by the words of the presenter Federica Panicucci that invited those present to turn the theater into a nightclub, the Italian Show Workers Union (Sils) which he presented a complaint to the prosecutors competent to ascertain the possible violation of the anti-contagion rules that have imposed the closure of the dance halls.

The president of Sils, Filippo Regis, explains that the images seen at the Petruzzelli were “a slap in the face of 90,000 workers of the 3,500 companies stopped by the decree of 24 December which closed discos and stopped events: we are really angry “. At Ansa, Regis explains that he has analyzed “the videos in which Federica Panicucci, 15 seconds from midnight, invites us to transform the Petruzzelli theater into a huge nightclub‘ and then a little train is made: when they saw people behaving in that way they could have invited them to respect the law and return to the place. Instead, not happy, they did an hour and a half of DJ sets“. “We therefore invite the judiciary – he reiterates – to identify those responsible for any crimes. They have to investigate. And in the event of a request for dismissal we want to be informed in order to appeal: we demand that this investigation be carried out, we will not give up “.

On the matter, in recent days, she intervened the municipal administration of Bari. On the proposal of the mayor Antonio Decaro, the Petruzzelli Foundation has started an internal investigation from which it emerged that there would have been some masks of an external company in charge of the reception service a improvise the ‘good luck train’, and for this to society a penalty was applied. “I cannot attribute to the mayor – continues Regis – responsibilities that are not purely political, but we would have expected a post of apology from Federica Panicucci, that would have been enough for us. She could have said that it was the emotion, that the words had escaped her, but all of this did not happen ”. Finally, the president of Sils recalls that “the world of night and entertainment is made up of very small rooms where people who support families work”, and “of large companies with a capital ‘A’ that cannot close from one day to the next. ‘other”.

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