"Dance with the stars" : after Frankie Muniz of "Malcolm"the other American star that TF1 is absolutely trying to recruit!

Denitsa Ikonomova, Maxime Dereymez, Coralie Licata, Christian Millette, Joël Luzolo… While several personalities are leaving the show “Dancing with the Stars”, others are joining the program’s big family!

If the entire cast of the twelfth season of the show has not yet been officially unveiled by the first channel, our colleagues from Parisian indicated on July 27 the list of stars who had confirmed their presence for the moment. Florent Peyre, Billy Crawford, Amandine Petit, Anggun, Thomas Da Costa, Stéphane Legar or even the singers Carla Lazzar and Eva are therefore preparing to tread the park of the show which was won by the artist Tayc last year !

An international star who rocked our childhood!

A few weeks before the broadcast of the twelfth season, journalist Clément Gabin revealed that the production of “Dancing with the Stars” had also approached Frankie Muniz… The hero of the Malcom series could therefore be part of the adventure!

Finally, according to information from Close magazine, the hero of the film “Mom I missed the plane” (1990), Kevin McCallister, was also contacted by the production… It remains to be seen whether the two men responded favorably or not. ! Case to follow!

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