Dance a thong with me: Heidi Klum lets her bottom circle

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Dance the thong with me
Heidi Klum lets the bottom circle

Heidi Klum is currently in the middle of filming the next season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”. But apparently she gets in the mood especially when she’s just taking a break from her “girls”. There is now a sample of it.

“You are as hot as a volcano and today I will ‘burn’ myself on it – dance samba with me”, it says in an old hit. In the case of Heidi Klum, however, the line of text would have to be repositioned.

One of Klum’s most recent Instagram posts could confidently be overwritten with the words “dance thong with me”. She herself only tagged the clip with the hashtag “Keep Dancing”.

We see how the 48-year-old in white jogging clothes circles her hips. It doesn’t take long before she lifts her top to reveal her bare back. But that’s not all. The trousers hang so low that Klum’s black thong also comes into its own.

Countdown to GNTM

Klum seems to be enjoying her dance in front of the camera. We don’t know who filmed the whole thing. It is unclear whether it was her husband Tom Kaulitz or Klum just pressed the record button himself. What is certain, however, is that the song that the model mom gets so excited about comes from the Colombian Sebastián Yatra and is called “Tacones Rojos”.

Speaking of model mom: Klum is currently filming what is now the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (GNTM), which took place in Greece, among other places. The program will be broadcast from February 3rd.

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There should be some “revolutionary” news in the new edition of the casting show. For example, Klum no longer wants to call her “girls” “girls”. In view of the changed field of participants, that is certainly quite appropriate. After all, this time all age barriers are falling at GNTM. There are three candidates over the age of 50. The oldest of them is 68.

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