Damoh News: Tribal made wife to grab mortgaged land

After investigation, the SDM wrote a letter to the police, instructing to register a case against the husband and wife, the case of Dhangor village of Tendukheda

Tendukheda (Naiduniya News). Presently, land manipulation work is going on in full swing in Tendukheda block. Somewhere government land is sold, and somewhere private land is registered. A similar case came to the fore in Dhangor village of the block. In which the youth of Pal society made the wife a tribal and got the land mortgaged in the name of the wife. The victim appealed to the SDM for justice, after which the investigation was done, it turned out to be correct and now the SDM has written a letter to the police to register a case against the husband and wife under section 420. However, this justice has been given to the victim after her death as she died in the same year.

Dhangor village case

The case in which Tendukheda SDM Anjali Dwivedi has written a letter to Tendukheda police is from Dhangaur village. The Kodu tribals here had mortgaged their land many years ago to Sitaram Pal of the village itself. Later, Sitaram Pal’s intentions deteriorated and he got the land of Kodu tribals fraudulently in the name of his wife. The Kodu tribal came to know about this when a letter from the Water Resources Department came to him to fill the tax. When he went to get information, it came to know that his mortgaged land was in the name of Si Kapuri Bai Adivasi. While there was no woman by this name in his family or house. After further investigation, it was found that Kapuri is not a tribal, a woman named Kapuri Pal lives in Dhangor village and she is the wife of the young man to whom Kodu had mortgaged his land.

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