Damoh News: Innocent girl dies due to drowning in Biruhali swimming pool

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On Sunday, an innocent girl died due to drowning in the swimming pool located in Biruhali of Barhi police station area. According to the information, the Gupta family had gone for a walk with the children in the swimming pool. But due to the carelessness of relatives, the children reached the water of the swimming pool. After the drowning of the innocent girl in the water, the innocent was brought to the Barhi Hospital by the relatives and the people present there, where after first aid she was referred to the Katni District Hospital.

According to the information received from the sources, the people of Gupta family, resident of Dhanwahi Kaimore had gone for a picnic in Biruhali swimming pool. Meanwhile, the innocent girl Surabhi Gupta’s father Uttam Gupta got down in the water of the swimming pool. As soon as the news of the drowning of the innocent girl came, everyone took her out and reached the hospital. On being brought to the district hospital, the children’s doctor civil surgeon started the treatment of the innocent. But the innocent girl died during treatment.

Three Poklen and 7 Hiva seized while doing illegal mining,

Harvest. naiduniya representative

Tehsil Bahoriband village Khadra (well) illegal mining from marble mines is going on continuously for several months. On getting information about which, on Saturday night, Bahoriband Tehsildar went to the spot and took action and seized three Poklen machines and 7 highways. Earlier, two highways were seized by trainee DSP Aman Mishra, in-charge of Bahoriband police station.

Even after that, the name of illegal mining did not stop. For several months in a row, illegal mining continues to transport marble stones through the highway. Mining department officials are pretending to be unaware even after knowing everything. At around 10 o’clock in the night, BJP Mandal President of village Kuan area, Satish Nayak, along with his comrades, saw illegal mining taking place, informed Bahoriband Tehsildar Vijay Dwivedi and Slimnabad police and expressed his presence on the spot and immediately after the information, Bahoriband Tehsil Dar Vijay Dwivedi and Slimnabad police force arrived.

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