Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin ready to get married? This clue panics the web

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According to this recent video, Dakota Johnson is still as close to Gwyneth Paltrow as ever. There’s no denying it, the star actress 50 Shades of Grey Has very well been accepted by the ex-wife of her current darling, Chris Martin, with whom she has been in a relationship for several years now. Moreover, if the friendly relationship between the two women is widely reported in the media, It is also rumored that a marriage between the leader of the group Coldplay and the actress is imminent and that the year 2022 could reserve a nice surprise. In this regard, Dakota’s father has just given his opinion on a possible official union.

Virtually guest on the set of the show Good Day New York hosted by Rosanna Scotto, Don Jonhson has indeed confided in the relationship that his daughter has with Chris Martin. As the presenter tells him about a potential marriage between the actress and the singer, Don admits that he will have to have a discussion with the future groom before that. : “We would like to wait until they are a little more confident in their position and a little further down the road, then we will have THE conversation.”

He’s a lovely boy.

If he remains very protective of his offspring, the famous 71-year-old actor nevertheless confides that he supports Dakota: “If she’s happy, I’ll be happy” he said before adding that Chris is a “adorable boy”. Going further, Don Johnson explains that he is excited about a wedding in the near future: “I imagine there would be grandchildren shortly after that. That part would make me pretty happy.”. Will Chris Martin drop to one knee in a few months? Case to follow. And since we’re talking about love, we know if Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier are still together.

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