“Daddy scares me, help me”: the latest heartbreaking message from a 10-year-old girl who died in a fire started by her father

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A year after the fire of a house which cost the life of a father and his daughter, on January 25, the investigators submitted their conclusions during a hearing rich in emotions. They believed that Garry Bolton deliberately locked himself with his daughter in the bathroom of his house, after setting the mattress in his bedroom on fire.

He would have locked the front door, deactivated the alarms and blocked the hallway with obstacles before barricading himself with his daughter. Firefighters managed to make their way to the bathroom and found them both in the tub. Mr. Bolton was pronounced dead on the spot. Taken to hospital, the little girl died on the spot, despite the hard work of the emergency services.

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One last insufficient message

It appears that she sent several messages on the morning of the incident to her grandmother: “Help, help, I’m afraid. Daddy scares me, help me. This one discovered it when waking up, without being able to intervene.

The investigation concludes that the fire was started in the master bedroom, as spokesperson Ian Sprate explains: “There is no evidence to suggest that it was an accidental fire. The flames started in the middle of the bed, with no candle or faulty battery around. I have no words to soothe the family’s pain following this tragic event. “

Garry Bolton, often mocked for his physique, suffered from anxiety, low self-esteem and paranoia, reports HullLive. He had lost Paige’s twin brother Ehan six months after their birth. Paige’s mother walked out of the hearing stating, “As far as I’m concerned, he murdered my little girl. “

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