Dada is said to have less plastic than her husband: What did Felix miss?

“Sometime in 2000, I tried permanent lip makeup, which was done by Eva Štědrá, the wife of Karel Štědrá. And world, be amazed, the perm lasted me not three, but ten years. Now I have nothing,” says Dagmar Patrasová (66) on the subject of aesthetic procedures. However, her husband is said to be literally a champion in this field!

“They think I have plastic surgery on my face. I do not have. I just had my upper lids done in 2004. I had tears in my eyes because both my parents died. I don’t have the bottom one made. I have less plastic than my husband. It has upper and lower lids,” she snapped Dagmar Patrasova in 7 falls Honza Dędek partner Felix Slovacek.

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“I have to admit that my mom didn’t use any cosmetics except for AB Ultra Oily Almond Cream. She had a beautiful complexion until her death. Same dad. Therefore, the need to use cosmetics went by the wayside, because I inherited the genes from my parents. But otherwise I love her, I enjoy various creams and you can say that I have the greatest affinity for Italian cosmetics, because I always see results there,” the actress confided to the website Sedmička.tý

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