DA Increased Final Update: Good news: Order issued for 6% increase in DA of employees

The state government has given great news to the government employees (Central Staff). The government has announced an increase of 6% Dearness Allowance for employees (Central Staff) and 6% dearness relief for pensioners.

Along with the announcement of this allowance, the government has also issued a notification. This allowance is given to pensioners and employees (Central Staff) to provide relief from inflation. The West Bengal government on Friday issued a notification to give Dearness Allowance at the rate of 6% of the basic salary to employees (Central Staff), pensioners and family pensioners, which will be effective from March 1.

This increase has been done under 6 March. As per the government notification, the 6% hike in DA is due against the total 3% announced in December 2020 and 3% in January 2021.

How will the dearness allowance be calculated?

Information has also been given in the notification as to how the Dearness Allowance will be calculated. DA will be calculated as per Revised Basic Salary plus non-allowances. If there is no allowance then Basic Salary and DA will be calculated.

This increased DA will be applicable to teachers and other employees (Central Staff) of government-aided institutions as well as employees (Central Staff) of local bodies. On the other hand, in the case of pension, it will be the responsibility of the pension disbursing authority to calculate the amount of dearness relief on the revised pension and allot the amount of pension amount in each individual case.

DA is less than the central government

An employee of the state government told that even after this increase, the DA given by the central government to its employees (Central Staff) will be 32% less. Many organizations of state government employees (Central Staff) have been demanding DA at par with the Centre. Ignoring warnings of action, they went on a 48-hour ‘pen down’ agitation earlier this week.

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