D1A: Anderlecht must finally win against Genk

If Anderlecht remains a sick patient in terms of the game, the results it has obtained since the dismissal of Felice Mazzù tend to lead it on the road to recovery. A painful qualification in the Cup and on the European scene as well as an encouraging sharing on the side of Antwerp allowed the Anderlechtois to prepare for the arrival of Genk, the ogre of this start to the season, with serenity.

A poster whose importance was however seen tenuous by Wouter Vrancken. “No matter what result we get on Sunday, our first round is successful. We will want to make it even more beautiful with the victory but it will be difficult because the adversary is gradually recovering its values. »

Virtues seen during short periods of time and not yet in so-called summit matches. Union, Ghent, Club Brugge and Standard made Mauves bite the dust in duels, if not disproportionate, far too easily dominated by opponents. In short, if Robin Veldman’s band finally wants to take a step forward in this championship, it must make an impression during a real shock. And why not against a Genk who is scary for his offensive form and who makes his opponents cautious as the slightest error is punished in a fraction of a second?

“We have nothing to lose in this game. The Limburg mentor is right but he forgets that the same remark can extend to his host of the day. What would be the real impact of a setback against a team that has been walking on water for weeks? A bigger gap with the Top 4, which has become illusory as the performances have been catastrophic for a long time? Anger on the part of an audience that seems to have understood that patience remains the greatest asset in difficulty? Questions about the follow-up to be given to the interim of a Dutch mentor still not unanimously accepted by Anderlecht thinkers? All of these questions have a common answer, namely “no, quite simply”.

Transition period

Anderlecht is in a period of transition, it is up to him to shorten it by showing, if not reckless frivolity, a release in the pressure that can weigh on his shoulders. He is still in the race on three fronts, he knows that his peak form will eventually arrive and he only has 90 minutes left to compete at full speed before taking advantage of a truce that looks like a godsend for morale and freshness. mental. It is therefore with a liberated spirit that the Anderlechtois must take to the pitch against what is currently best in Belgium. “When you play the number 1 favorite for the title, you have to do it with solidarity. »

Robin Veldman continued his work of undermining a sick locker room, because torn by too much internal turmoil. Rotten apples fall from the tree and young people point their noses with force. A sufficient mixture to overcome Genk at the start of the evening? The answer in a few hours.

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