Cyril Hanouna: TPMP, will it be over soon? This long-awaited announcement that the host will make in a few days!

The 2021-22 season was that of all records for Do not touch My TV on C8. But in a few days, Cyril Hanouna’s team will go on vacation. “There are now 8 shows left with me and then it will be Benjamin Castaldi who will end the season nicely”explained the host in the show on Monday, June 13.

Whoever takes care of the first part of the 6 to 7 will take care of TPMP: even in summer. “I will be there until June 23”, he revealed Baba before declaring that Touche pas à mon poste will “normally” be back on August 29. But that’s not all. “I will tell you if it will be one more season or one more season”he blurted out. “I will give you some news”. On the side of the columnists, the questions fuse. “It’s still not done?”, “Is it signed?”, “Is it a bad sign or a good sign?”, they asked slightly worried. “If you have PEL, take them out as soon as possible. That’s the only thing I can tell you,” said Cyril Hanouna with his legendary humor.

He resumed more seriously: “You know that the Canal+ group is my family. But we are in discussion and I will be able to give you news before the end of the week. Before Thursday. There, that’s for sure, because there will be no no other weeks”he said. “I’ll tell you what it is about TPMP”.

Fans of the show also can’t wait to find out!

On the set of the show, Monday, May 23, Cyril said: “You know, I was at the end of my contract with C8 and the Canal + group, there. We are discussing, we are moving forward. We do not know how, we don’t know when, we don’t know where, we don’t know how many. But we talk, we love each other, know that. So I’ll keep you informed in the next few days of what’s going to happen. (…) I am never confident but know that it is progressing (…) I will tell you everything about this contract or not. If we stop at the end of the season, if we continue for a year or several years…”

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