Cyril Hanouna: This measure that he imposed on one of his chroniclers "TPMP" !

In a few days, viewers will be deprived of Do not touch My TV for a few months. Cyril Hanouna and his team will go on vacation to return, with full batteries at the end of August. If new faces could arrive at the start of the school year, Raymond Aabou is sure to keep his seat, between Géraldine Maillet and Danielle Moreau. According to a survey conducted by TV Magazine, he was voted best columnist for a show he joined in 2016, ahead of Guillaume Genton and Matthieu Delormeau. “He will be with me next year, of course, my darling“, had also congratulated Baba.

The delivery driver confided in the media. He explained how he started working with the conductor of TPMP. “We had a friend in common, producer Laurent Thibault, who worked with him when he left RTL to take over the morning show on Virgin Radio. morning’. He had put me on trial for a week to prove myself and I had stayed almost the entire season, between September 2011 and April 2012″.

Moreover, as some know, the forty-year-old’s first name is not Raymond but… Cyril. “It’s my middle name that Cyril made me adopt when we started working together on the radio. There couldn’t be two Cyrils on the same show”he revealed. “It does me a lot of good when people call me Cyril, it most often comes from people who are close to me and who really know me (…) In one day, people will call me 100 times Raymond and that lets know that I am dealing with people who know me through television. Behind the scenes of ‘Touche pas à mon poste!’, apart from three or four people, everyone calls me Raymond”.

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Sylvain Majadahonda

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