Cyril Hanouna in cold with Louis Boyard: the presenter of TPMP rebels live … War is declared!

The war between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard is far from over. Last Thursday, November 10, the LFI deputy was the guest of the troublemaker of C8 on TPMP to talk about the ship Ocean Viking. Very quickly, the politician broached another subject: that of freedom of the press. Live, he wanted to prove what he was saying by attacking the famous billionaire Vincent Bolloré. Words that the host immediately condemned. A heated exchange ensued between the former columnist and the presenter who used strong deaths like ” jester ” or ” loser “. Annoyed, Louis Boyard ended up leaving the set before announcing, this Monday, November 14, his intention to “ file a complaint against his rival.

Court battle

“I will file a complaint with a thought for the millions of people who have been insulted […] every time ‘TPMP’ invited the far right and made racist and Islamophobic remarks on their shows “, he wrote on his Twitter account. Faced with this decision, Cyril Hanouna chose to retort. For his part, Kelly Vedovelli’s sidekick also wants to sue the MP. “ He said some very, very serious things “, he launched the same evening live. And to continue: We’re going to sue Louis Boyard. It is people like Louis Boyard who are raising racism, who are raising communitarianism ”.

A sequence that did not fail to react visibly divided viewers. “No one said the deputy played well. The subject is that Hanouna has completely slipped up and shown her true face. Revealing text messages in particular, revealing his stamp, that says a lot about the character”, “#Bolloré was not cited in 2 hours of lynchings against #Boyard. We therefore have confirmation that we can in no way speak of him or his criminal acts on C8 ‘FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION’ ”, could we read on social networks. War is declared !


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