Cyril Hanouna compliments Kelly Vedovelli live in TPMP: shocked viewers

Since Monday, November 21, 2022, TF1 has been broadcasting a new program called “Le Late avec Alain Chabat”, a talk show literally inspired by those presented by Jimmy Fallon in the United States. For the first evening, 1.07 million viewers gathered in front of their screens to discover the concept.

This Wednesday, November 23, 2022, Cyril Hanouna spoke about the hearings of this TF1 program which seems not to have convinced viewers. The columnists were unanimous in saying that this type of program does not work in France, that Alain Chabat is not made to present this kind of program or that the script and the jokes were not well put together…

Cyril Hanouna then explained how he does to know if a program is likely to work or not: “Me, my compasses, those I follow each time to know if it will work or not, there are two here who know the public, two here who know what people want and who look like me, it’s Kelly who is not here tonight, and Raymond” he said.

Something to make viewers laugh who questioned the skills of the pretty blonde: “But Kelly watches the Angels of reality TV”, “Ah because Raymond and Kelly are all viewers, Hanouna you are just talking bullshit! “, “Kelly knows TV, we will have heard everything”, “No no, Raymond and Kelly are not me”, “Raymond and Kelly, the people?”, “Mdr he takes Kelly as an example as if she knew my TV . Zero level TPMP”, “Since when Kelly is a reference of good taste?”


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