Cyclist exhibits police officers who stopped him for speeding

Some police officers decided to arrest a man in Chiapas, Mexico, arguing that he was driving his bicycle in excess of speed. Faced with this event, the young man decided to show his indignation by recording the actions of the members of the order, whose images reached the social networks and immediately your history I know became a trend.

The incident took place in the Tuxtla Gutiérrez street During last week. “It is that you go very fast”, one of the policemen who were on their motorcycles is heard saying. To this, the subject replies: “Imagine, how am I going to go fast, what nonsense”.

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Given this, various social media users jokingly made comments where they claimed that bicycles do not have a speedometer or signs indicating the maximum speed with which cyclists must drive.

However, despite the comments and annoyance of the young detainee, Chiapas has a traffic regulation in which there are rules that cyclists must apply in a mandatory way when traveling on public roads.

In that sense, the article 55 of the norm, for example, indicates that they cannot travel in the opposite direction, they must not drive without a helmet, nor be subject to a “Motorized vehicle” in full motion.

On the other hand, the article 58 adds that: “All vehicle drivers, as well as cyclists and motorcyclists, who travel on the roads near educational centers, museums, sports centers, parks, hospitals and public buildings, are obliged to slow down”.

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