Cutting of the tax wedge, the upward adjustment changes little: 8 euros per month for those who take 660, 18 for those who earn 1,500 gross

After the criticisms of the labor unions to the drafts of Aid decree bis the government has revised upwards the dowry allocated for the cut until December of tax wedge borne by workers with income up to 35 thousand EUR, extending it from 1 to 1.2 percentage points which are added to the 0.8 points already provided for by the Budget Law. The benefits of the new anti-inflation intervention remain minimal, as calculated by the CGIL (see Table). For those who have a taxable amount of 660 euros per month they will stop at less than 8 euros grosswhich rise to less than 13 euros for those who earn it 1000 gross. The savings will then be 18 euros for incomes of 1,500 euros gross, less than 28 for those who take 2,300 euros gross, 32 to 2,700 euros gross. The cumulative benefit, considering that the measure is valid from July to December, without considering the thirteenth, will be worth between 16 and 194 euros in total.

Little better will go to the retirees with checks up to 35 thousand euros per year, for which it is anticipated to October a part (2%) of the revaluation linked to inflation. Those who receive 1000 euros a month from the INPS will see 20 more recognized, reaching 30 for pensions of 1,500 euros, 40 to 2,000 euros and 47 to 2,500. The total benefit, given that the advance is valid for three months, will vary from 42 to 201 euros in total.

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