Curiosities | ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Christopher Nolan’s praised film, turns 10!

Few movie franchises are as iconic as ‘The dark Knight’in Christopher Nolan. The trilogy has become a cultural landmark pop and cinematic and is enjoyed by movie fans to this day.

Ten years ago, the third and final chapter of Nolan’s saga reached the big screen and delivered a very satisfying conclusion to the audience. The plot is set eight years after the death of Harvey Dent and takes us to a pacified city of Gotham, which no longer needs Batman. The situation makes Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) becomes a recluse in his mansion, living only with the butler Alfred (Michael Caine).

One day, in the middle of a party being held at Wayne Manor, one of the hired waitresses steals a necklace of great sentimental value. This is Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a smart and skilled thief who, despite being caught by Bruce, manages to escape. Curious to find out who she is, Bruce returns to the cave to use the computers that served him so well when he donned the mantle of Batman. Gradually he begins to see signs of the emergence of a new threat to Gotham City, personified in the thug Bane (Tom Hardy). It’s enough for him to go back to being Batman, despite the physical problems stemming from his activities as a superhero over the years.

Also counting on Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman and others in the cast, ‘The dark Knight Rises’ became a critical and box office success, grossing over $1 billion at the box office worldwide and being nominated as the best film of the year by several press consortia.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, we have prepared a short list with some backstage triviawhich you can check below:

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  • About a year before the film’s release, Nolan mentioned that he was considering using a mix of CGI and deleted scenes from ‘Batman the dark knight’ to make the Joker appear briefly. However, he decided not to do so, believing it would be disrespectful to him. Heath Ledger (who had died in 2008).
  • Nolan said the main theme of this film is “pain”. For ‘Batman Begins’, 2005, the theme was “fear”; While ‘The dark Knight’ dealt with “chaos”.

  • According to Oldman, Nolan verbally told the actors and actresses to avoid leaking any information about the film’s ending.
  • Hardy accepted the role of Bane without even reading the script. It was said that he would have unprecedented access to extensive aerobatics and equipment training.
  • Around 55 minutes into the movie, when Selina Kyle disappears off a roof, Batman says, “so this is how it looks.” The phrase is a direct reference to the graphic novel ‘Kingdom Come’gives A.D.

  • To prepare for the role of Catwoman, Hathaway worked out five days a week on a regimen that involved vigorous exercise, stunt training and dancing. She said this role was the most physically exhausting of her career, to date.
  • According to Nolan, Bane was chosen as the film’s main antagonist to “test Batman mentally and physically”.

  • Hathaway revealed that, during the auditions, she thought she was auditioning to play Harley Quinn, Joker’s partner/girlfriend. It was only after an argument with Nolan that she found out she was auditioning for Catwoman.
  • Bale dyed a part of his hair himself – to convey the feeling that Bruce Wayne was older.
  • The first draft of the script had nothing less than four hundred pagesabout.
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