Curiosities of Lee Hyeri to know more about the life of the actress

Lee Hyeri is a second generation K-Pop idol who has stood out for her acting career. This year she starred in the drama May I Help You and drew a lot of attention for her performance. If you want to know more about her life, this information will help you to know about her past as a singer, her likes and her dreams.

Lee Hyeri born June 9, 1994 and debuted in 2010 as an idol. Since then, her spontaneous and cheerful personality has led her to become very popular both on variety shows and as an actress. Want to know more about her? These curiosities they are perfect for you.

Curiosities you should know about Lee Hyeri. // Source: Twitter @kdramafangirlxx

If you are watching the drama May I Help You, surely you are wondering who the protagonist is. Lee Hyeri has been very active in both the world of acting and music, and her popularity has been high for over a decade. This is what you should know about her.

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Curious facts about Lee Hyeri that you may not have known

  • She debuted as an idol in the girl group Girl’s Day.

It debuted in 2010 in Girls’ Day, a second-generation K-Pop girl group that gained widespread popularity for its sexy concepts and had hits like Something and Expectation. Although the group did not have an official disbandment, they stopped promoting in 2017.

  • His first drama was Tasty Life.

The first drama he appeared in was Tasty Life in 2012. A fun sitcom about the importance of family. Although her character was not one of the main ones, she drew a lot of attention from her as an actress.

  • His first starring role was in Reply 1988.

Hyeri got her first leading role in Reply 1988, a drama where she managed to steal the hearts of the entire audience with her outgoing and affectionate personality. She even wooed one of her co-stars.

  • In 2014, he won his first acting award.

In 2014, she won the Best Rookie Actress award from the Entertainment Awards. In that year she participated in the drama Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators and had a cameo in Be Arrogant.

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  • She has been dating actor Ryu Jun Yeol for several years.

Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol met on the filming set of Reply 1988. Although their characters do not end up together in the drama, in real life they have been in a relationship for several years and to this day they are still together, showing their love on several occasions.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri have been dating for a while. // Source: Twitter @junghwanthebezt

  • She is close friends with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Jisoo and Hyeri have shown their friendship on several occasions. A few weeks ago, Jisoo sent a food cart to the May I Help You filming set to support Hyeri in her drama.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Hyeri are good friends. // Source: Twitter @misskoreaJisoo

  • She had meningitis and had to be hospitalized for a while.

In 2016, the idol had meningitis, a disease of inflammation in the brain that can be fatal. The actress was hospitalized for a couple of days and fortunately she recovered quickly. This disease is usually caused by infections.

  • She has dated idol Tony Ahn in the past.

A few years ago, Lee Hyeri was in a relationship with HOT member Tony Ahn. This relationship was highly criticized at the time, due to the age difference between the two artists. They were only together for 8 months.

  • He was part of a famous dance company before debuting

Lee Hyeri is not only talented in acting, prior to her debut she was in the Wawa dance company, a famous company that has created several K-Pop groups. She demonstrating her talent in dancing.

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