Curiosities of Extraordinary Attorney Woo that you did not know about the drama

The K-Drama Woo, An Extraordinary Lawyer became one of the most beloved and memorable of 2022. The curious facts of the story will allow you to discover the success of this production and the experience of the actors bringing the characters of the plot to life.

Every fan of Korean dramas knows very well the story of Extraordinary Attorney Woobecause it is a very emotional drama that caused a furor during all the weeks that it was broadcast.

The story featuring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh tells us about a lawyer named Woo Young Woowho has an autism spectrum disorder, but who manages to start working within one of the most important law firms in the country.

This K-Drama made us laugh, cry and get excited with each case that the lawyers had to solve, now you can know several curiosities of the drama and its cast that will lead you to learn about their experience joining the dramaas well as how popular this series became.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Secrets of the drama, its cast and more curious facts

  • Park Eun Bin was not going to be Wo Young Woo

Park Eun-bin She turned down her role as the lawyer Woo on several occasions, she was worried about everything that the role entailed, but also while considering it, her schedule was busy with the filming of another drama. Despite this, the production of Extraordinary Attorney Woo did everything to convince her of her and even postponed filming for several months so that she could act.

  • The greeting of Woo Young Yoo and her friend

The popular greeting of Woo Young Yoo and her best friend Dong Geu Ra Mi went viral even among K-Pop idols, Park Eun Bin confessed that although there was something similar in the original script, the final idea was from actress Joo Hyun Young.

Characters from Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

  • Will Extraordinary Attorney Woo have a sequel?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has already confirmed that it will have a second season and everything seems to indicate that it will have the main cast that we already know. This decision was made due to the support that the series received, but there is no scheduled date for the start of filming, because for now kang tae oh He is doing his military service.

Characters from Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

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  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo has his own webtoon

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s story was written with the drama in mind, but due to its impact a webtoon also began to launch. Upon its release, the story received harsh criticism for not expanding the plot to include only what we saw on screen, but also for failing to capture the charm of the K-drama characters.

Characters from Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

  • The Cast Of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Gained Massive Popularity With This Drama

While the korean drama was broadcast, the actors who made up the main cast remained at the top of popularity in terms of the most talked about dorama stars, repeating their success week after week.

  • Woo, An Extraordinary Lawyer broke audience records

Every time new episodes of the drama aired, the viewership ratings kept increasing, but when the final episode came, the Korean series broke its own record with a rating of 17.5%. This made it the highest rated drama on the ENA channel so far.

Characters from Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

  • What is Park Eun Bin’s favorite scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Park Eun Bin chose the moment when Woo Young Woo talks to Tae Su Mi at the end of the drama as her favorite scene in the drama. She thinks that the comparison that the protagonist makes of herself to whales may seem strange, but it is very significant.

Characters from Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

  • Kang Tae Oh became very famous after Woo, An Extraordinary Lawyer

Kang Tae On confessed that he feels very grateful for the opportunity that being in Extraordinary Attorney Woo gave him, since he has felt the love of fans on social networks and also, many people who have just met him have been paying attention to the projects that previously filmed.

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