Curiosities about Ditto from NewJeans, know everything about this song

‘Ditto’ is a great NewJeans song and we can’t stop listening to it, if you too have a brainrot with this song, then keep reading some curiosities about it.

NewJeans is a group that HYBE and ADOR debuted in May 2022. Five talented girls who were trainees for a while in ADOR finally formed a good formula to take over the studio and stage. Since she introduced herself to this girl group rookiescaught the attention of the world.

We still can’t get over every one of the songs from NewJeans as ‘Hype Boy’, ‘Attention’ or ‘Cookie’. The first release of this girl group was very successful and although they are just getting started, with their second single they are already taking the industry by storm. kpop completely.

Now we have two more songs from NJthe first was ‘Ditto’ which was released in December 2022. This single was extremely appealing to fans for various reasons and actually became an amazingly popular hit in record time. Both in Korea and all over the planet.

Do you want to know more about ‘Ditto’? here we have some curiosities about this track by New Jeans to learn more about this great song.

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6 Fun facts about Ditto to learn some secrets of the NewJeans song

‘Ditto’ has two MVs and it’s something really cool, in them we can follow the story of a girl in middle school recording a group of friends, or it seems to happen in one of the videos, because when we see the other of they realize that the girl is always alone

– MV version A:

– MV version B:

It actually seems that ‘Ditto’ does reference to a Korean film that bears the same name, it was produced in 2000 and in fact had its remake in 2022. What we can notice in the references are in the MVs of the song and even in its lyrics, because in it we see a message of confession from a girl to a boy and that definitely happens at least in ramake.

This is the remake of the Ditto movie | Twitter: @spring96k

From the ‘Ditto’ MVs, fans created a lot of theories about the song and NewJeans’ concept for it. Like that the main character in the videos had schizophrenia, or that NJ represented a way in which fans view idols, accompanying them at school and serving as an escape from reality but they are not physically with their fans or they are just an illusion to them.

There were many theories about Ditto’s MVs | Twitter: @lalifIowers

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On December 27, 2022, Bad Bunny He uploaded to his Instagram stories the top global debuts of Spotify where ‘Ditto’ by NewJeans also appeared, it was something truly curious that the Latino singer gave that K-Pop song a “free promo” although hey, he was just showing that it had reached #1.

Ditto in Bad Bunny’s stories | Twitter: @444minji

Ditto had a lot of achievements that he gave to NewJeans starting with his perfect All-Kills that surpassed the one of the girl group with more of these. Also their wins are growing even though New Jeans hasn’t performed this track on music shows in Korea, it’s something truly impressive. The song also made it to the top of FLO and MelOn which are one of the most difficult in Korea.

Ditto continues to have achievements | Twitter: @newtannies

NewJeans hasn’t actually done the performance live of ‘Ditto’ although we do want to, the girl group has not performed on any music shows in Korea and they did not sing this song during their performance at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards either. But we do have Performance Video that they uploaded to their channel in Youtube.

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