Cuckoo relative in Dvůr Králové Safari Park: Banánovec is fighting for love

Getting the chosen heart is not a romantic piglet for this feather. Bananas, also known as Turaks, can be very aggressive with each other. Even connecting a couple in the safari park where they live in Bird World is said to be stormy. “The domestic female chases and attacks the new male. If necessary, the breeders separate it and leave the males the opportunity to get used to their new home in peace, “said park spokesman Michal Šťastný. But once a couple of bananas get together, they live together in a lasting bond for many years. Breeders believe that this pair will also find love and bring offspring.

They love fruit

Bananas, which inhabit the tropical rainforest of Central Africa, have mainly fruits and berries in their diet. This is also expressed by their Latin name Musophaga, which means banana eater.

Couples only with us

In Europe, only four pairs of bananas have certified zoos. They are all in the Czech Republic. Dvůr Králové has two, but one out of sight of visitors in the background. Others are in Lešná and Hodonín.

Meeting of parrots

Parrot lovers will meet from June 18 to 19 at the Dubina camp in Vysoká Pec near Jirkov. The camp will be available to participants from June 16. The public can come and see the colorful feathers on Saturday from 11 am. They will see demonstrations of parrots flying and representatives of rare species of these colorful birds.

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