ČSSD MP Petr Wolf 10 years on the run: Is he hiding in South America?!

Ten years ago, on January 25, 2013, a search was announced for the native of Ostrava. However, the “Oranges” found out that MP Wolf is a bit of a “flower” already in 2008. That’s when he left their parliamentary club under the pretext that he was getting threatening text messages because of his favorable attitude towards the radar in Brdy. The head of the club at the time, Michal Hašek (46, ex-ČSSD), called it nonsense and said that the ODS’s attempt to drag left-wing MPs over to its side was just being repeated. This was soon indirectly confirmed when Wolf, as an unaffiliated, often voted with the right. And when the government fell Mirka Topolánek (66, exODS), Wolf was not among the deputies who expressed no confidence in her.

On the wrong side

A few months later, the Chamber of Deputies stripped Wolf of his parliamentary immunity because he was investigated for the misuse of state subsidies for more than 11 million, which his company received from the Ministry of the Environment. All thanks to the fact that Wolf and his wife falsified the accounting, ordered non-existent studies from non-existent companies and lied, for example, about driving records. In 2012, the regional court in Ostrava sentenced him to a five-year sentence and fined 1.2 million crowns for this – the high court increased the sentence to 6 years (his wife Hana was given a suspended sentence). And a year later, the police had to announce a search for him because he was avoiding serving his sentence.

In the Chamber of Deputies, he drew up plans, or simply slept.

For warmth

In 2015, Wolf gave a telephone interview to Prima TV, in the video he wears large sunglasses and a beard, and claims that this is a political process and an injustice that could not be defended against, so he preferred to run away. He also unsuccessfully requested a presidential pardon. Where is this “wolf” in socialist clothing now? The last clue led to the South American Paraguay, and according to the police, he is still there today. But there is no extradition treaty with the country, so the local lawmen do not want to detain him and the Czechs have no right to do so. “We know where he is, and this is international judicial cooperation. But at the moment it’s a political issue,” confirmed Aha! also the spokesman of the police presidium Ondřej Moravčík. Between the lines? When the Paraguayans need something from us, they might “throw in” the arrested Wolf. Until then, it’s a fluke for them…

You know that…

…are the fines awarded by the court paid? They were sent in installments by Wolf’s wife, who did not run away with the ambassador.

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