CSI: Vegas, the review: back to the crime scene

The review of CSI: Vegas, the revival from January 9 on Rai2 with a weekly appointment, which sees the return of Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle alongside a new team that pays homage to the past of forensics.

The less there is to look at, the more it takes to see what’s missing

CSI: Vegas – a still photo

It is with the wise words of Gil Grissom that we begin to talk about CSI: Vegas, the revival of Anthony Zuiker’s historic procedural crime from 9 January 2022 on Rai2 with weekly appointment. There serie original twenty years ago it changed the way of watching investigations on TV (and in real life), not only for the technological-scientific contribution but also for having given space to those who were usually relegated to a laboratory and behind the screen of a PC, which here became the absolute or almost absolute protagonist. Was it worth it to go back to the crime scene? You will find out by reading ours CSI review: Vegas.

Go back to the crime scene

Csi Vegas William Petersen Jorja Fox 4

CSI: Vegas – William Patersen and Jorja Fox in a picture

The revival of CSI: Crime Scene is, as often happens, halfway between a spin-off and a sequel and picks up exactly six years after Immortality, the final double episode that closed the stories of Grissom and Co. Just Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) are among the protagonists of the old guard to return, along with other well-known faces such as Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) and David Hodges (Wallace Langham). Next to them, a new team led by the determined and at the same time sweet Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome) and composed of the reckless Josh Folson (Matt Lauria) and the effervescent immigrant Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon), together with the inevitable coroner a bit “weird” Hugo Ramirez (Mel Rodriguez). The composition of the new team wants to underline that times have changed, with the director of the female laboratory after a bevy of historically always male protagonists in the franchise, already open in the original series with Catherine and Sara. The new series shows how science and the tools in the service of crime resolution have changed and evolved in just six years, a huge time as we know in technology, especially in recent times.

Farewell CSI: the last farewell to Grissom & Co. in Immortality

Csi Vegas Mandeep Paula Newsome

CSI: Vegas – Mandeep Paula Newsome in one scene

The revival also strikes an effective balance between old and new and manages to celebrate what the parent series represented. It does so by proposing the canonical case of the week, original but not always captivating, and by actually putting a horizontal case that runs through all ten episodes of CSI: Vegas and which is the reason why the old team is forced to return ” on the scene of the crime “. However, it does not do it all at once and this makes the narration more fluid and realistic. Not only that: the case involves the old forensic and all that it represented, on and off the screen, and this is a way to pay homage and celebrate its legacy, right from the initials created in the “old style” with faces and names in girth. A way to greet but not entirely the “dear old TV” and to remember not only the iconic cases but above all the relationships between people, those still alive, which are established between the corridors of the forensic laboratories and those between superiors and subordinates , always a topic at risk especially nowadays that there is more attention to certain issues.

With CSI, ten years at the crime scene

Long live las vegas

Chi Vegas Scene

CSI: Vegas – a scene from the series

Right from the title CSI: Vegas celebrates the city where it all began, a symbol of the deadly sins of man and lightning marriages, and tries to characterize the new team in the best possible way, so that it can (almost) get by on its own in a second season already ordered, in which Jorja Fox will return but perhaps not William Petersen, who had already felt ill on the set of this revival. Sara and Grissom is as if they were freshmen again, ready to give wise advice to new followers but at the same time forced to “remember how to do it”, above all because of the new cutting-edge machinery and new techniques for analyzing the finds. . For the old team, the reunion has the flavor of a school reunion, but at the same time Sara and Gil keep the scene well in showing a relationship that has found its own balance over the years, even those we have not seen on TV now that they are a couple always married around the world. After all, Gil still has all the oddities that have made him the most loved of the heads of forensics of all the series in the franchise. Among the new recruits Josh and Allie represent the couple-not-yet-couple, again on the subject of relationships in the workplace, he grew up “in the system” and she with a nerd and clumsy character. Max is not only a mother figure for the kids in forensics but also for his real son, now in college, with whom he will have more than a few pussies, also bringing to light the topic of systematic racism in a certain type of society. and Ivy League. The direction plays once again with details and perspectives to show a specific crime scene under the microscope, while the photography with the dark tones and neon lights of the city of sin. Welcome back to Vegas … let’s hope not to die.


We conclude the review of CSI: Vegas happy that this revival has been used as a real tribute to the original series, retracing some of the stories and relationships between the characters. The return of the old guard is savored, making the narration more fluid and realistic, to give space to the new generation, so that they can walk (almost) alone in a second season already ordered, but which unfortunately do not always manage to get to the heart of the viewer.

Because we like it

  • Having found a narrative ploy that would bring the members of the original cast back with a sense.
  • The case involving all episodes celebrates and pays homage to the old forensics team.
  • The chemistry between Grissom and Sara and the strangeness of him, both intact.

What’s wrong

  • A little instinctive coldness towards the new team, apart from the character of Paula Newsome.
  • The cases of the week always interesting but perhaps of lesser impact.

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