Cryptocurrencies give way – no recovery for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.

The Bitcoin course went downhill in the morning. At 9:40 a.m., the price fell by -0.41 percent to $16,723.69 after Bitcoin had stood at $16,792.88 the day before.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Cash course is going downhill. Bitcoin Cash is down -1.73 percent to $100.43 from $102.20 the previous day.


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Meanwhile, the Ethereum course falls. Ethereum is down from $1,254.39 the previous day to $1,246.87 (-0.60 percent).

Meanwhile, Litecoin is posting losses. At 9:40 a.m., Litecoin fell -2.34 percent to $58.40. The day before, $59.80 was still on the blackboard.

In the meantime, hardly any rashes can be seen with Ripple. After the value of 0.3633 US dollars the previous day, the Ripple rate is quoted at 09:40 at 0.3577 US dollars.

At the same time, the Cardano rate fell by -1.46 percent to $0.3341. A day earlier, the value was $0.3391.

Meanwhile, Monero is up 0.65 percent to $129.10. The day before, Monero was worth $128.27.

In addition, IOTA gives way. The IOTA rate fell by -0.91 percent at 09:40 to $0.2148 after IOTA was worth $0.2168 the day before.

In the meantime, hardly any rashes can be seen with Verge. After reading $0.0023 the previous day, the Verge rate is quoted at $0.0022 at 09:40.

Meanwhile, the Stellar price is barely moving. At 09:40, $0.0900 is reported, which is the previous day’s rate.

In addition, NEM moves sideways. At 9:40 a.m., the rate was set at $0.0316. The day before, the NEM rate was 0.0318 US dollars.

In addition, Dash is up 0.09 percent to $33.79. The day before, the rate was $33.76.

Meanwhile, the NEO course is trading at $6.497. Compared to the previous day ($6.551), this is a loss of -0.82 percent.

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