Crypto broker comparison – the best brokers in the test

Crypto broker comparison: This is important for you as an investor

Anyone who wants to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and Co. can do so through various cryptocurrency brokers. Since crypto trading is currently still taking place on online marketplaces, it is worth taking a look at the crypto broker comparison, which compares the most important bitcoin brokers. The conditions under which crypto trading is possible with different Bitcoin brokers differ significantly in some cases.

The fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies is to invest in a CFD (Contract for Difference) from a cryptocurrency broker. Not only does bitcoin trading as part of a CFD save time for crypto investors, most bitcoin brokers can also score points when it comes to payment: in addition to credit card payments, they also allow payment via PayPal. Registration is usually very quick and often possible without a lengthy PostIdent procedure – you can find out more in our cryptocurrency broker comparison

With a CFD, investors can bet on both falling and rising prices. With the help of leverage, the profit (or loss) can be disproportionately high. If the Bitcoin price increases by one percent, a Bitcoin long CFD with a leverage of 20 results in a profit of 20 percent. But be careful: This calculation also applies in the event of a loss – when trading CFDs there is therefore a risk of a total loss of the capital invested.

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