Crying, torn costume and even threat of thrush: Gkay is the target of serious accusations of stardom. Understand!

Months after being accused of stardom at São João da Thay, Gkay is once again the target of controversial rumours. The new controversy would have happened behind the scenes of the movie “A Christmas Full of Grace”, from Netflix. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, the comedian’s behavior caused fear among co-workers.

The recordings take place at the end of 2021, in Rio de Janeiro and in Petrópolis, a city in the mountain region. According to the publication, the set routine was accompanied by a professional from the production company’s HR. The objective would be to control Gkay’s behavior so that there were no complaints of moral harassment.

According to a production member interviewed by Lucas Pasin, people are afraid of Gkay. “When they called me to make the film, I was very happy, and I even thought: ‘Gkay must be really cool’. On the first day, they already warned me: ‘Nobody wanted to make the film because it was with her, and I thought you were going to give up too’“, reported.


A recurring complaint from those who worked with Gkay on the film’s production concerned delays. She would have been five hours late for a costume fitting. “And she never apologized, it was as if everyone was obliged to wait for her. Nobody said anything, it was already common for her to scream, and that intimidated”, said the source consulted by columnist Lucas Pasin.

Another supposedly controversial situation would have made actor Sérgio Malheiros nervous, with whom she is a romantic partner in the film. It all started when Gkay would have told in the dressing room that she was present at a party promoted by Anitta the day before. 🇧🇷She said: ‘I kissed I don’t know how many mouths. I sucked I don’t know how many r*las. And I caught frog. I’ll pass it on to everyone’. That left everyone scared, we were in the middle of a pandemic“, reported a person involved in the film.

Sérgio, then, would have complained to HR on the set. The team called Gkay’s attention and asked her not to behave like that. The comedian would not have reacted well. According to the production person, she tore her costume, cried, screamed and threatened to leave. “The whole team was waiting. She screamed that we were ashamed of her, that it was our fault. She tried to change the situation to leave the victim”, he accused.

The Purepeople team reached out to Gkay’s press office to comment on the allegations, but did not receive a response until the closure of the matter.

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