Crying Micki Cheng and Jenna Bagge out of ‘Wild with dance’: ‘It’s very bitter’

Both Jenna Bagge and Micki Cheng were in tears when they smoked out on Friday night just before the finale of ‘Wild with dance’.

“We were not ready to end it at all. We just wanted to be allowed to dance the last dances. The thing about being so close, it’s very bitter, “Micki Cheng explains to BT after the decision.

However, the dance couple must still dance a previous dance in the final, just like all this year’s other ‘Wild with dance’ couples must, but not the same as the traditional final freestyle they had already prepared.

So both Jenna Bagge and Micki Cheng readily admit that they are disappointed.

“We had a great time together. You just want to have the last dance with you. But for me, it’s mostly that it’s over. It’s hard, ”Jenna Bagge explains, before her voice breaks.

The couple is therefore not in the big party mood after the decision.

They can not help but embrace each other and help wipe tears away from each other’s eyes.

»Now I have to go home to the hotel and pack my bag. I had a little hope that I would show up tomorrow and we would train further, but that is not how it will be, “says a disappointed Micki Cheng.

But even though tomorrow’s dance training has now been canceled, the dance couple has not seen the last of each other.

»Even though I live in Jutland, and Jenna lives here in Copenhagen, I’m definitely sure we’ll probably get to see each other. I often come to Copenhagen and work, so we get to see and eat cake so much, “says the ‘Bagedyst’ star with a smile.

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