Crush – Stella’s story, the new teen series from tonight on Rai Gulp

Crush – Stella’s story, the first chapter of the Crush series, arrives today at 19:10 on Rai Gulp and is already available with all the episodes on the Rai Play portal in streaming.

Crush – Stella’s storythe first chapter of the Crush series strongly linked to current events between sexting and cyberbullying, comes from this evening at 19:10 on Rai Gulp and it is already available with all the episodes on the Rai Play portal in streaming.

The first love in the era of sexting and cyberbullying is the central theme of the new Crush series – La Storia di Stella, produced by Stand by me in collaboration with Rai Kids, broadcast from tonight November 13 every day on Rai Gulp at 7.10 pm and available on RaiPlay (with all 10 episodes of 25 minutes each). The series tells the story of Stella, a thirteen-year-old struggling with the sentimental disturbances of her first crush, who must grow up in a world governed by the web, experiencing first-hand the risks and potential that her generation experiences every day in the age of sharing. digital, where even an innocent game can turn into a nightmare.

The first love is never forgotten … How do you actually forget the first sentimental drift, the first total falling in love, the bearer of irrepressible joy but sometimes also of disturbance and suffering? “Crush – Stella’s Story” is the first series of the “Crush” series, conceived by Simona Ercolani, whose title wants to exploit the ambivalence of the English term “crush”, which in the slang of the new generations means “crush” , “falling in love”, but which literally, not surprisingly, means “crushing”, “shattering”. The series, through the typical language of the kids & teen series, reflects on the profound changes caused in preteens by the first real emotional storm, starting from the awareness that love is one of the most powerful rites of passage and that, through its storms, grows.

Stella (Anita Serafini) is a sunny and determined thirteen-year-old girl, with a separate but affectionate family behind her and a group of trusted friends, the shy Saverio (Jasper Cabal Gonzales) and the technological Andrea (Matilde Sofia Fazio). Like many of her peers, Stella is divided between school and her sporting passion, judo, while she cultivates the great dream of becoming a journalist. Spurred on by this ambitious goal, she enthusiastically throws herself into the task of putting the old school newspaper back on its feet: together with her friends and her “crush”, Seba (Sebastian Gravina), she plans to modernize it by turning it into a vlog with video reportages and interviews capable of meeting the tastes of young people who grew up with social networks.

However, it is Seba who breaks this balance, in love with her but very superficial, who sends a private video, in which Stella shows herself in her underwear, to his friend Francesco (Claudio De Angelis), who spreads it on the net by putting the Stella’s life at the center of a cyclone of criticisms and judgments of unbearable weight. Stella searches within herself and in her judoka training for the strength to raise her head and face her greatest disappointment: having been betrayed by the person to whom she entrusted her young feelings about her.

The series also sees in the cast the special participation of the young youtuber and influencer Eleonora Olivieri, whom Stella wants to interview for her vlog, of Lavinia Fiori in the guise of Cate, the school rebel, of Lorenzo Battaglia in the role of Filippo, Cate’s brother, by Riccardo Vianello in the role of the school principal, by Valentina Chico and Luca Ribezzo, respectively the faces of Stella’s mother and father, and finally by Ettore Nigro and Tommaso Serrau, in the role of Stella’s stepfather, Giorgio, and her half-brother Valerio .

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