Crucke challenges Bouchez: war is declared on MR

Chronicle of a hidden agenda that is no longer…

If the MR was a long calm river, it would be known. For nearly 20 years, the Liberal party has been regularly undermined from within by clans, internal quarrels and ego rivalries. But with the volte-face of Jean-Luc Crucke, the level of the earthquake reached dangerous magnitudes, which risked destabilizing the party. Because the former Walloon minister was not content to change his mind, to refuse a place as a judge at the Constitutional Court. Staying in the political arena, for Crucke, means openly challenging the authority of Georges-Louis Bouchez and undermining his internal credibility. The goal is simple: challenge GLB in the elections for the presidency of the MR in 2023.

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According to several sources, Jean-Luc would have benefited from the support of several tenors of the party. A liberal from Liège tells us everything.

From Verhofstadt to … Trump

Internally, the volte-face of Jean-Luc Crucke disturbs. “Before, he said that there was something Verhofstadt in Georges-Louis. Today, it’s a Trump thing. The real question is to know what happened in two and a half years for him to change his mind so much. “As for the fact that the ex-grand Walloon financier is a candidate in 2023 internally, no one doubts it. “It’s going to make a big mess,” thunders this Liberal minister. He will no doubt lose, but that risks putting the mess in the party a few months before the capital elections. »

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