Crown Prince Frederik parties with controversial actor for Musik i Lejet: ‘It may well be a tooth too much’

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The Danish festival summer is still going well – and now Musik i Lejet has also received a royal visit.

On the actor Ali Sivandis Instagram story you can see him – who in 2020 ended up in a shitstorm after he shared a video where he shouted insults at a man who was wearing stilettos – standing close together with the two future kings: Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian.

The two royals were backstage at Kesi’s concert in Musik i Lejet.

In the pictures on the actor’s profile, you can see that he is standing with the Crown Prince, and he has marked that picture with the text ‘Cousin Fred’.

The second picture shows Ali Sivandi with his arms around Prince Christian and Crown Prince Frederik.

“Royalty at It’s finest,” the actor wrote for the picture.

But perhaps the two royals should be a little careful about publicly showing themselves with people who have previously been shown not to represent the values ​​that the Royal House stands for when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community.

BT’s royal correspondent Jacob Heinel Jensen thinks so.

“By now there is no one in the Kingdom who doubts that the Crown Prince loves festivals. Here I am thinking of his legendary stage performance at Smukfest. The Crown Prince is good at being down with the people, but you may have to be careful who you meet with,’ it says.

According to the royal expert, it is not the best decision for the Crown Prince to be so friendly with people who have previously shown behavior that the official side of the Royal Household does not agree with.

“I honestly don’t know how clever it is that Ali Sivandi shares a story with the text ‘Cousin Fred’. Especially when you consider that Sivandi got into a huge shitstorm after he made homophobic slurs against a man in Copenhagen who wears high heels. In any case, it is certainly not connected with the values ​​preached by the Crown Prince Couple,’ explains Jacob Heinel Jensen and continues:

“Perhaps there should be someone around the Crown Prince who just says stop once in a while. It can also be a tooth too much.’

The two royal members also seem to enjoy the company of the actor.

In any case, Prince Christian can’t hold back his smile in the picture where the three are standing together.

Another person who also had fun at the top of Denmark was the prince’s mother, Crown Princess Mary, who at the beginning of the week visited Skagen Pride and waved to those present in the parade.

Ali Sivandi chose to issue an apology on his social media after his video from last year, where he shouted at the stiletto-wearing man.

“Today I sent a personal apology to Alexander, which I filmed and posted on my Instagram. I sincerely apologize for yelling at him. It was not my intention to hurt him,” said the actor.

BT has been in contact with Ali Sivandi and has been given permission to use the photos from the meeting.

He has no further comments.

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