Crotone, the mayor Voce: “Institutional rudeness not to invite us to the Council of Ministers. This city has given its soul and heart”

“Not inviting the mayor of Crotone was one institutional rudeness but not so much to me mayor as to the entire citizenry. The President of the Republic Mattarella is a whole other planet”. The mayor of Crotone told Adnkronos Vincent Voice arrived a little while ago at the Palamilone where there is the funeral home with the corpses. “Meloni has invited everyone, from the president of the province to the mayor of Cutro and other authorities, but he has not decided to invite the Mayor of Crotone despite everything we’ve done. I admit I was disappointed,” she says. “After Piantedosi who came a few hours after the shipwreck, no member of the government was seen here,” he explains. Then he says that it was “an act of cruelty yesterday to announce to relatives the transfer of the bodies to Bologna without the slightest warning. It wasn’t right.” “The Council of Ministers is reserved for ministers but already having our representation there would have had a different meaning” he added speaking to the microphones of Local Team. “Crotone gave his soul and heart”

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