CRÍŽKOVÁ NA DÚN: The imprisoned husband heard the crucial verdict

When it became clear that the tunneling of the Metropolitan Savings Association also concerns David Křížek, it was a big surprise for everyone. He was supposed to appear as a white horse in the case, and on that account he was sentenced to three and a half years. Unfortunately, this is not the only case in which the husband of the CT presenter moved outside the law.

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As the CNN Prima News website reported, David Křížek committed another fraud involving damage of 124 million crowns. This, of course, had an impact on the amount of the punishment so far. The yachtsman returned to prison with the understanding that he would stay there 42 months longer. In addition, he received a fine of 600,000 crowns along with a ban on business for 10 years.

Even this verdict was not final, and the yachtsmen were waiting for two news during the tense hours. One good one; The High Court overturned the fine and reduced the sportsman’s ban to 6 years. And one bad one; he increased his unconditional sentence to five years. “A cruel blow. An extra day in prison won’t make David a better person. On the contrary,” his wife Lucie, who is now alone with her son Davídek (10) and daughter Lola (5), is in despair. “Our courts do not measure with the same yardstick. I have nothing more to say about it,” added Miss 2003.

For Křížek, as well as for the rest of his family, these are some of the worst moments in life. Wife Lucie has the worst time with the children, who see their father once a month. Otherwise, the couple exchange correspondence, which David enriches with drawings for his two offspring. At the same time, the athlete started writing a book.

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That Lucie Křížková hates this situation very well, not only for herself, but also for her children, is also proven by her posts on social networks. The last one on June 19 was especially heartbreaking for her and her followers. “Father’s Day. I will never hug mine again. The kids hug their dad once a month, in the visiting room with barred windows, with strangers behind them… A little bit of a bummer.” the aforementioned website quotes the moderator. Other than on her own profile, which she controls, she refuses to talk about her husband.

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