Criticizes companies that demand to return to offices only to attend Zoom calls

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Does telecommuting increase staff productivity? Some studies they say yes. Although we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have found it necessary to require their workforce to return to the office – a move that continues to generate mixed reviews across the globe. social networks.

Although there are businesses that achieve good profits with face-to-face negotiations, there are employees who do not understand why they were asked to return to face-to-face work when they carried out their duties without problems in the comfort of their homes.

Tiktoker criticizes face-to-face work

In that sense Elliea young woman who publishes content under the name of @1corporatemillennialwent up a video now viralof her clearly upset that she’s being asked to attend meetings and Zoom calls from her office, which she could just as easily have done at home.

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“What sounds in my head when leadership talks about the importance of being in the office for culture”, indicates the clip while the girl stares at a computer screen.

Controversy on TikTok

The recording unleashed an avalanche of comments from those who showed various positions. Some felt identified and assured that it is totally ridiculous to remove telecommuting just to “virtual calls”reported distractify.

Instead, other netizens said it would be a good idea to eliminate remote work for those people who chat with their colleagues during the shift instead of fulfilling their duties.

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