Criticized, Aretha Marcos, daughter of Vanusa, asks PIX for haters: “Pay the bills for the month”

Criticized on Instagram, Aretha Marcos47 years old, daughter of Antonio Marcos and the singer vanusa 一, decided to hit the haters in an ironic way: asking for deposits in PIX to pay their bills for the month.

On the social network, the artist shared her bank details written on a sheet and sent the message: “Hey loves… Are any of the players willing to pay my bills this month? Thank you so much in advance,” she captioned.

Some followers were concerned about Aretha’s financial situation, but she stressed that the post was a message to critics on duty. After the post, she shared a video in which she talks about what situations she would be “ashamed”.

“For sure she is talking about the people who are criticizing… Since they are worried about her life… So let them pay their bills”, risked a follower. “Someone nailed it!” Aretha replied.

The way in which the artist reacted to the criticism she receives on the social network also generated other comments and criticisms: “Alheia shame”, attacked one. “Aretha, why do people here on your Instagram distort everything?”, defended another. “Very cocky, huh?”, posted another. “Just need her,” replied another.

Later, Aretha returned to the social network and made a new post:

“PIX’s post was not to make money. It was an action of resistance and investigation that worked. Thank you all!” he added.

Aretha Marcos countered haters asking PIX to pay the month’s bills – Photo: Reproduction/ [email protected]

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