Cristina Pérez questioned one of the controversies surrounding L-Gante: "They are using it"

L-Gante He is one of the artists of the moment, regardless of what he does musically. His personality fell very well with millions of people, which is why he became very popular in recent months. However, this also brought him some problems such as criticism of personalities.

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Although before he had questions from Patricia Sosa and Enrique Pinti, this time it was Cristina Perez who referred to his appearance. It should be noted that his gaze had a friendly side, although it marked one of the situations that surround him.

The driver was interviewed by Juan Etchegoyen during a broadcast of “Mitre Live” and one of the queries was about Elian Valenzuela. During the last days, it was revealed that a series about his life would be carried out, but the particular thing was the amount destined to carry it forward: more than 2.4 billion pesos.

“I really appreciate that L-Ghent has made an artistic path and that so many people celebrate it”, began the host of the Telefe newscast. In addition, he provided his opinion about him: “And that it offers a path of hope for those who believe that sometimes being born in a situation of adversity cannot. And I believe that he, like other boys, show that he can “.

Of course it did not end there and made clear what he thinks of the controversy surrounding the series. “Do not use popular artists for politics”, he detailed. Finally, he declared: “I think the government is using L-Ghent politically because they no longer have what to offer. They are using it, that’s my way of thinking ”.

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