Cristina Mortágua vents about unemployment and depression: "criticize me for exposing me"

Cristina Mortagua, famous model in the 90s, used her Instagram profile this Tuesday afternoon (16/11) to share an outburst, thanking her for the help, including financial, that she has been receiving. She took the opportunity to comment on her depression, saying that it is something she does not wish for anyone.

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“It’s a little while before the fire is out, I still need some financial help, which I added to the fact that I went in unemployed and lay in bed with no strength all day without strength to get up,” said the model.

She still confesses that, like many famous people on social media, she hid from her fans and followers the real problems she faced and still faces in her life. “My loves, I want to thank you so much, but so much, for the help I received from many of you, not only for the financial help, but for the indications of books, testimonies of people who have already gone through what I’m going through. Many criticize me for exposing myself, but these people don’t know what depression is and I don’t wish it on anyone. It’s a little while before the fire is out, I still need some financial help, which I’ve accumulated with my going in unemployed and lying in bed with no strength all day I don’t have the strength to stand up and I give the face to hit, because I did what many bloggers do: they pretend that Instagram’s life is wonderful and hide the real problems from you”, began Cristina.

“I would love to count on your blessed help. In another post I will tell you what happened to me and the dogs, I could be really dead today. I only learned about it today through the neighborhood, I believe there is something more than depression , but I will be honest and I will tell you details. May my exhibition be to save lives. I thank you once again if you can still help me, soon. A tender kiss. Gratitude, Luana Ferreira Moura, for the care and special attention.” , ended, thanking the entrepreneur.

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