Cristina Ferreira underlines: “Lives […] where we only win are not very fascinating…”

Cristina Ferreira is living happy days on a personal and professional level. After arriving (with a bang) at TVI in 2020, after having “slammed the door” on SIC, the now director of entertainment and fiction at the Queluz de Baixo station has been betting heavily on the return of the television that “watched her birth” to TV. leadership, which it has not yet achieved.

In an interview with TVMais magazine, Cristina Ferreira spoke about her personal life, her loves, her closeness to Bernardo Sousa and Bruna Gomes, and also left a reflection on her life choices, which she later shared on her Instagram page.

“Linear lives where everything is just right and where we only win are not very fascinating”, confessed the presenter. In TVMais magazine, we can also read about the topic: “And I really like starting over, going back and starting from scratch and taking the steps. And sometimes when we take the steps we have to go back and go up… And that’s the funniest thing in life”can be read.

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