Cristina Ferreira reveals Ana Guiomar’s message after ‘hilarious’ scene: “I don’t want anymore…”

Cristina Ferreira used the Stories of her Instagram account to share one of the scenes from the soap opera “Festa é Festa”, where Tomé, a character played by Pedro Teixeira, appears to sing a song for his companion, Aida, played by actress Ana Guiomar.

Moments later, the presenter and director of Entertainment and Fiction at TVI decided to share the message she received from Ana Guiomar, who left a ‘request’ to the direction: “This is very difficult to record, I don’t want to anymore. I can’t stop laughing”reads.

Cristina Ferreira also shared another scene in which Pedro Teixeira appears singing, this time alongside Manuel Marques, who brings Nando to life in the plot: “THE DUPLA SERTANEJA THAT WILL BE A SUCCESS NEVER SEEN. 🎉 When, a while ago, they started recording these scenes, I received dozens of videos that Pedro Teixeira, laughing out loud, made a point of sharing. If these two don’t deserve a full Altice Arena, I don’t know who does. 😂 Manuel Marques. And the party continues 😉”he wrote.

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